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The 808nm Diode Laser for laser hair removal has become the gold standard for treating all skin types. 

  • Efficacy + diode laser used over 20 years

  • Safety + #1 selling wavelength for all skin types

  • Speed + up to 10 pulses per second

  • Power + 2500 watts continuous or pulsed mode

  • Cost + No Consumables

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INVIKTA Diode Laser

The Invikta Diode Laser should be considered for your practice for a number of reasons.  

Treats All Skin Types

The Aesthetika Invikta Diode (808nm), FDA cleared for laser hair reduction,  is one of the most versatile lasers for hair removal because you can treat just about every patient that walks through your door regardless of skin type.  This means turning fewer patients away and generating more revenue from every customer.  

Effective Pain Free Hair Removal

Invikta’s hair removal method uses time-tested SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology to offer a simple, effective, and painless method for hair removal.  The Invikta’s SHR method gradually heats and damages the hair follicles while sparing injury to the surrounding skin.  By keeping the handpiece constantly in motion, it ensures complete coverage to the treated area and offers a very comfortable treatment solution to the patient.  The Invikta pulses low fluence at high repetition rates (up to 10 Pulses per second) and enables you to customize a hair removal strategy for each patient safely and reliably.  

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Faster Treatment Times

Offering a very large spot size of 12 x 16 mm & a treatment area of 25 x 35mm, it allows the practitioner to effectively treat very large body areas in a short amount of time.  Time is money with laser hair removal and the Invikta allows you to complete larger treatment areas 30% to 40% faster than more traditional laser technologies.  

Quality Engineering

The Invikta diode laser comes with a number of quality features that make it very attractive to the aesthetic practice.  Some of the following include:

  • Reliability and Longevity.  The Diode bar stacks inside the Invikta handpiece are imported from Germany and allow us to warranty the handpiece for 10 million pulses.  Less down-time means higher productivity for your practice and greater revenue generation.  

  • Very Ergonomic.  The ultra-light handpiece allows the practitioner to perform a series of procedures without causing any discomfort or fatigue.

  • Ultra-Chilled Sapphire Tip means greater comfort and safety for your patient.  Keeping your patient comfortable and free from heat-related pain is critical to a successful treatment outcome. The chill tip on the diode handpiece keeps a frosty temperature of -2 degrees Celsius, thereby ensuring safety and comfort with no adverse reactions.    

No Recertification
No Warranty Transfer Fees

We’ve discussed this before, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Almost every manufacturer charges a recertification fee.  We don’t believe this practice is ethical.  Period.  It’s bad business for the customer and it devalues your equipment if you ever choose to sell it down the road.  We don’t resort to such practices and we hope to start a positive trend in the aesthetic industry by reducing or eliminating these fees altogether.  


The Invikta Diode Laser is more affordable than 80-90% of the other laser hair removal devices currently sold in the marketplace today.  To make things even better, you don’t compromise quality by paying less.  You only win by making your practice more profitable, which is the name of the game for any aesthetic practice.   

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Aesthetika INVIKTA Specifications


The results were impeccable. Can't recommend enough.

Mark Wright

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